MNfashion is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and nurturing small business entrepreneurs in the local, independent fashion industry.



For nearly a decade, MNfashion has served the Twin Cities community and beyond by bringing local fashion designers and retailers to the forefront of Minnesota's most fashionable minds.

In the beginning, there was Voltage: Fashion Amplified. A twist on traditional runway shows, Voltage models would walk and rock the runway in local designs all to the sounds of the cities' best local bands- who often served as models themselves. The event fostered collaboration, engendered the community and married music and fashion while providing a national forum for local talent. For eight years, Voltage reigned as the Midwest’s premier rock and fashion show. 

The success of Voltage created a local audience who demanded more fashion events beyond the annual Voltage celebration. As a result, MNfashion formed to not only foster local design talent but provide them with a platform to show off and sell their creations. MNfashion started to publicly announce when the official Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week (MSPFW) would take place each fall and spring. This served to organize and unite local designers as well as generate buzz and interest within the community- effectively shining a light on all the Twin Cities fashion scene had to offer. During MSPFW, local fashion lovers hopped from one fashion centric event to another as boutiques, galleries, runway shows and more all celebrated Minnesota fashion.

MNfashion eventually decided the time was right to host their own runway event: The Shows. Produced by MNfashion, The Shows featured collections of top Minnesota designers. These talented local artists were hand-picked by the MNfashion production team and were usually seasoned veterans by the time they made their Shows' debut. Most Shows' designers started off presenting their collections at other smaller MNfashion shows including the Emerging Designer ShowcaseRed Dress Collection and Voltage. The Shows eventually became the keystone event of MSPFW and was voted "Best Fashion Event" in 2011 by Minnesota Monthly. However, perhaps the greatest honor bestowed on The Shows occurred In February 2013 when Minnesota royalty graced us with his purple presence for one night.


In January 2014, MNfashion announced that it would no longer produce events such as Voltage, The Shows and Emerging Designer Showcase. However, after the announcement, we heard from a significant amount of industry members and organizers about the need for continued support and promotion on MNfashion’s digital platforms. Over the years we've built a large, loyal following. Therefore, as of April 2014 we've decided to continue our online presence to support and promote local designers, retail initiatives and events to our audience. In addition, MNfashion will also continue to determine the dates for Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week.

Effective immediately, placement on MNfashion’s calendar and posts on social media accounts will be available for purchase at three different levels. Profits will be used to support website maintenance costs and offer administrators a stipend compensation. Any additional revenue will be donated to fashion education programs in Minnesota.

The pricing levels for event listings on MNfashion.org are as follows:


  • Event listed on MNfashion.org calendar

  • 3 Facebook posts/month

  • 4 Twitter posts/month

  • 1 Pinterest post/month linking to desired website


  • Event listed on MNfashion.org calendar

  • 1 Facebook post/month

  • 2 Twitter posts/month


  • Event listed on MNfashion.org calendar

Upcoming events on the MNfashion calendar can be found here and more information about how to submit events for the calendar is available here. Any questions may be sent to info@mnfashion.org.